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Why Golfing is Good for Business

why golfing is good for business
Golf and business go hand in hand for many reasons. Getting outside and golfing is a fun way to do business once in a while and beats a stuffy PowerPoint presentation in the office any day.
The Benefits of Joining your Local Golf Club
Joining a golf club comes with many great benefits and opportunities. These opportunities will allow you to better your game, enjoy time with friends and fellow golfers, and allow you to take full advantage of what golf clubs have to offer.
Engagement season is upon us which means now is the time to start looking for the perfect venue for your special day. Planning a wedding is a serious undertaking and brings with it a multitude of pressure and stress. You need to pick a venue for the ceremony and the reception, find a good caterer,

Tips for Golfing During the Winter

bad weather golfing
For many enthusiasts, golf is a spring, summer, and fall sport, and golf clubs tend to collect dust during the winter months. Fortunately, the weather stays warm enough in the Willamette Valley during the winter, so our golf course is able to stay open year round. Unfortunately, the winter weather in Eugene and Springfield means